Think Twice Before Installing Screen Gutter Guards

How Mesh Gutter Screens Fall Short of Protecting Your Home

Keeping your gutters clean ensures that they work well, but you probably don’t look forward to getting out the ladder and clearing debris. Perhaps you’ve heard that you can cut down on gutter cleaning chores by installing mesh or screen guards on your existing gutters. While it sounds promising in theory, do screen gutter guards really do what they say?

Why Screen Gutter Guards Aren’t as Great as They Sound

When debris builds up in your gutters, it can hamper the performance of this essential system and lead to roof or foundation damage. Screen gutter guards are designed to repel the leaves that tend to build up in gutters, and that’s a positive. However, even the finest mesh can’t repel everything.

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to gutter debris is pine needles. In fact, most Virginia homeowners have cleared pine needles from their gutters. Unfortunately, screen gutter guards won’t put an end to this chore. Because they’re so slim, pine needles can make it past screens and clog gutters. Cleaning out clogs becomes even more burdensome in this case because screens must be removed before the task can be completed.

Dirt and mud can also build up in gutters that are protected by screen guards. As with pine needles, cleaning out this type of debris can be incredibly difficult. Larger chunks of dirt and debris may settle on top of screen guards, preventing water from entering your gutters altogether. These blocked screens will make your gutters ineffective and expose your home to water damage risks.

Gutter screens also need to be cleaned regularly in order to stay in good condition. In many cases, this means removing screens from gutters entirely. While screens might save a bit of cleaning work in the short run, they can also add to your overall labor burden in the long run.

Is There a Good Alternative to Mesh Gutter Screens?

Mesh or screen gutter guards aren’t the only gutter-protection system available on the market today. Homeowners can also opt for solid covers or for unique, one-piece gutter systems. Unlike screens that you install yourself, LeafGuard gutter systems prevent the entry of small debris such as pine needles while also improving water flow. These one-piece gutter systems are designed to repel debris without any drawbacks.

If you’re dreaming of a life without gutter woes, it’s time to get in touch with gutter professionals. At Starling Guttering, we customize and install LeafGuard gutter systems for clients throughout the Peninsula and Middle Peninsula. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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