Pitch Perfect

Get All the Angles on Gutter Performance

Gutters are an essential means of defense for your home. When installed correctly, they move water away from your house without creating an eyesore. If the pitch on your gutters isn’t right, though, you’re losing out on both performance and aesthetics.

Gutter Pitch: A Quick Physics Lesson

In order to successfully move water away from your home’s foundation, gutters must be installed at the correct angle. This is referred to as their pitch, and it’s one of the most important factors in determining gutter performance. When gutters are installed at the correct angle, water flows effortlessly to and through downspouts so that it can be moved away from your home. The correct slope for your gutters depends on your home’s architecture.

A number of signs indicate that your gutters aren’t installed at the right pitch. However, standing water after a storm is one of the most common signs that your gutters are sitting at the wrong pitch. If your gutters aren’t installed at the correct angle, you could face a wide variety of problems including

  •  leaking at gutter corners and joints
  •  mud buildup
  •  collection of loose debris
  •  standing water that attracts mosquitos
  •  algae, bacteria, and mold growth
  •  accelerated gutter corrosion or rusting

Of course, gutters installed at the wrong pitch also put your home at increased risk for water damage. If rain can’t make its way through your gutters and away from your home, it’s likely to end up around your foundation. Accumulation of water around your home’s foundation can lead to serious structural problems and drag down your home’s value.

Ensure That Your Gutters Work Well

Conducting a quick physical inspection after a storm is the easiest way to determine if your gutters suffer from a pitch problem. A few hours after rain has stopped, use a ladder to climb up to your gutters and inspect them. Look for standing water, accumulated debris and areas that seem to be leaking. Any of these could indicate that your gutter isn’t at the correct pitch. You can confirm your suspicions by calling in a gutter professional to examine your home.

If a pro determines that you do have a problem, you can choose to have the pitch fixed or you can replace the gutter system altogether. If your gutters are old or have issues in addition to pitch problems, consider a new, enclosed gutter system. This type of system promotes excellent water flow and blocks the entry of debris. Of course, these gutters also need to be installed at a precise angle.

If your gutters are sitting at the wrong pitch or need to be replaced entirely, don’t despair. Get in touch with Starling Guttering or check out our homepage to learn more about innovative LeafGuard gutter systems.

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