A Matter of Science: How LeafGuard Gutter Systems Work

Most people don’t think about rain gutters on a daily basis, but when your gutters aren’t doing their job, the last thing you want to do is ignore the situation. Poorly functioning gutters stuffed with leaves can cause structural damage, fire, foundation problems, flooding and mold growth. If you’ve determined that it’s time to replace the gutters on your home, you’ve probably been researching your options and asking your friends for opinions. One brand may have come up in conversation more than any of the others, and that’s because it offers a unique, superior design. The brand’s name is LeafGuard, and here’s an explanation of the science behind its fame.

How Does the LeafGuard Gutter System Keep Leaves Out?

LeafGuard Gutter Systems feature a seamless, once-piece design that includes a curved hood and a gutter trough. The narrow opening between the two is the element you may find puzzling. It would seem that even if most leaves were deflected away from the tough by the hood, some would inevitably fall into the opening and eventually cause clogs. To understand why this isn’t a problem, let’s take a moment for a brief science lesson.

A Matter of Molecules

LeafGuard’s secret lies in the scientific law of liquid adhesion. Liquids such as water have cohesive properties that cause them to cling to the surfaces they roll across, especially if those surfaces are curved or round. You can see an example of liquid adhesion by allowing tap water from a faucet to run over the outer curve of a glass. The water clings to the surface of the glass and follows the curve without fail until gravity forces it to fall into the sink once it reaches the bottom. When rain water rolls over the LeafGuard Gutter System’s curved hood, the same process occurs. Rain follows the curve and falls into the gutter trough where it is directed away from your home.


What About the Leaves?

Leaves and other debris are solid objects, thus they don’t exhibit the same fluid properties as water. When leaves glide over the hood dry or even within a cascade of water, their non-liquid form isn’t forced to follow or cling to the curve; that only works with liquids. Instead of following the water into the gutters, the fall to the ground. With LeafGuard protecting your home, science is on your side.

Let Starling Guttering, Inc. Make Your Home a Science Project

At Starling, we’ve been installing quality LeafGuard Gutter Systems for home and business owners in the Peninsula and Middle Peninsula for decades. We stand behind our work by offering the industry’s best warranty, and you can ask local builders and contractors about our reputation for getting the job done right the first time. Visit us online to learn how we can make LeafGuard’s science work for you.

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