Why Your Gutters Require Cleaning

Who Has Time to Clean the Gutters?

It’s the one chore that ruins game day weekends and leads to disaster if it’s ignored. No matter how long you put it off, you’ll eventually have to take out the ladder and spend hours or days cleaning out each gutter and downspout. If only you had installed LeafGuard gutter systems on your house, you might not have to miss the game or deal with flooding in your basement.

Though they all serve the same purpose, not every gutter system looks or functions the same. Traditional gutters, which you may have on your house, have narrow channels and segmented pieces that are held in place by straps. Over time, these straps break away from the fascia and cause the gutters to dip and sag.

Because these gutters have no shielding, leaves and paper get caught in the wind and land in the channels. As the debris builds up, it forms clogs throughout the system, resulting in those routine cleaning sessions each year. If you don’t clear the debris, leftover rainwater will eventually flood the gutter system and overflow, causing everything from decayed siding and flooded basements to soil erosion around your foundation.

Why LeafGuard Gutters Don’t Require Cleaning

Traditional gutter installers attempt to stop debris buildup by placing a shield over the channels. Unfortunately, these shields don’t work as intended and just allow debris to either flow into the channels or stick to the surface. Either way, you’ll still have to clean the entire system. LeafGuard gutters don’t work this way.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning out LeafGuard gutters thanks to their design which forms a built-in arch over the channels. The arch promotes greater liquid adhesion, allowing the rainwater to flow from the roof to the gutter easily. Though the arch lets water pass through, it blocks out the leaves and debris.

The Advantages of Seamless Construction

LeafGuard gutters have a seamless construction, which means there are no individual pieces to worry you about sagging or leaking. The installer creates the entire piece on-site, ensuring a properly measured gutter for the length of each fascia.

Wide Channels Keep the Water Flowing

Because LeafGuard gutters have wide channels, the water always has space to flow. With the shield keeping out twigs and other clutter, you’ll never have to worry about mold and mildew growth due to stagnant water.

Never Clean Another Gutter Again

Want to save your weekends from lousy gutter work? Contact us today for a free estimate on our LeafGuard gutter system. With LeafGuard on your home, your days of cleaning out leaves or dealing with soil erosion are a thing of the past.

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