Gutter Goofs and Drainpipe Disasters

Common Gutter Problems Can Deal a Blow to Homeowners

Your home’s gutters and drainpipes are supposed to carry water away from the structure during storms, thus minimizing damage. Like many homeowners, though, you may find that your gutters don’t provide the level of protection that you’d like. Pinpointing common gutter problems from which your home suffers is essential to making structure-saving improvements.

Five Gutter Problems You Need to Prevent

A home’s gutter system should provide adequate protection for the roof and basement. If your home has sustained water damage in either of these areas, it’s worth considering whether or not your gutters are working as they should. If you’re buying a new home, pay attention to existing gutter problems and correct them quickly.

As you inspect your gutters, be on the lookout for these five common problems:

1.    Poor design. Poor gutter placement is the leading cause of gutter problems. If your home’s gutter system isn’t well designed, water might damage your roof or foundation. Working with professionals who have experience designing guttering systems is essential.

2.    Inadequately sloped gutters. When gutters aren’t sloped correctly, they might not carry water away from your home as efficiently as they should. In addition to being adequately sloped, your gutter’s downspouts should extend at least 6 feet away from your home.

3.    Sagging gutters. Gutters often sag under the pressure of collected debris or excess water flow. The pressure caused by sagging can lead to cracked gutters and broken gutter system components.

4.    Pest infestations. Birds and rodents can take up residence in your gutters, causing serious clogs or cracks. Once these pests are established, they can be very difficult to eliminate. It’s best to avoid pest infestations in the first place.

5.    Clogged gutters. Leaves, pine needles and other debris can clog your gutters, causing them to be ineffective during a storm. Heavy clogs can also lead to breaks in the guttering system.

Finding Solutions to Your Gutter Problems

Once you’ve identified the problems that plague your gutters, you can learn how to prevent them. For instance, you might plan to combat clogs by cleaning your gutters regularly, or your might fight off infestations by working with a pest control company. However, there are easier solutions to many common gutter problems.

Specialty, the only one- piece, seamless guttering system can be used to eliminate  your gutter problems. The LeafGuard gutter system features a gutter with a perfectly sloped cover that helps divert excess rainwater while preventing debris and pests from entering your gutters. This system is designed to carry away rainwater so that your home’s roof, exterior and foundation are protected.

Homeowners in Virginia can benefit from LeafGuard gutter systems. Contact us at Starling Guttering to learn about options for your home.

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