Downspout 101

Everyone always talks about gutters, but you rarely hear anyone talk about the downspouts. People love the look of newly installed gutters and how effective they are at catching water, but gutters need downspouts to function properly. If gutters don’t have downspouts or if they’re installed in the wrong place, they’ll render the entire gutter system useless. Downspouts serve a very useful purpose, and without them, gutters would never be the same.

Why are Downspouts So Important?

The gutters catch the rain, and the downspouts direct it down and away from your home. Without a downspout, water will either collect and grow stagnant or flow over the sides, creating puddles around your foundation.

Downspout Location and Placement

Downspouts sit at the ends of the gutter system and provide an outflow for the water. All downspouts look about the same and consist of:

  • A drop outlet – where the gutters connect to the downspout
  • Elbows – which helps place the downspout close to the exterior wall
  • Straps – which hold the downspout to your home
  • A long downspout – which leads the water downward
  • A splash block – which directs water onto the lawn and prevents erosion.

Debris in the Gutters and Downspouts

When gutters develop clogs, water can’t flow to the downspouts. Instead, it sits and stagnates, creating the ideal conditions for mold and mildew. As debris clutters the system, squirrels and other pests may build homes in the twigs and moss and cause even more problems. Downspouts can also develop clogs if they’re not maintained. However, LeafGuard oversized downspouts keep the water flowing and prevent clog development. LeafGuard gutters also have a specialized design to minimize debris buildup and reduce the hassle of regular maintenance.

New Gutters in Williamsburg, Virginia

Want to prevent soil erosion and improve your gutter system? Contact Starling Guttering for a free estimate. We know how much rain falls on the Peninsula and Middle Peninsula and the effects it has on your home. With seamless LeafGuard gutters and downspouts, you don’t have to worry about stubborn clogs, stagnant water or flooding around your foundation.

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